Our Vision

Instant Global Payments was founded with the single goal of improving the way we make international payments. We aim to help everyone send money overseas easily, with the best exchange rates and all in a fraction of a second.


"Amazing service! Easy to use and reliable"

- Sarah O

"I used Instant Global Payments saved me over $3,500 in fees. I will certainly use again."

- Mike D

"Well done IGP for a great platform and I recommend it highly."

- Three Sixty Private Wealth

"IGP was quick and easy to set up a payment of USD to China. Rates are way better than banks!"

- Trevor D

"Quick to respond and help when I had a question."

- Dominic B

"Would really recommend to anyone; trustworthy and incredibly quick."

- Mimmi H

Our History

It will be a long road to reach our goal. The timeline below shows where we came from, where we plan to go and how we will get there.

  • Discovered an issue

    Early 2017

    We started to grow tired of the current transfer services because they were to slow and offered us poor exchange rates

  • Development Began

    April 2017

    We knew something had to be done, so we started work on developing a service that made it more affordable and quick to send money overseas

  • Launch Website

    December 2017

    We launched our website and services in a select group of countries

  • Begin Global Rollout

    May 2018 (completed April 2018)

    Begin rolling out our service to the rest of the world

  • Integrate with Domestic Payment Systems

    August 2018 (Completed July 2018)

    Connect with domestic payment systems to allow us to receive funds instantly from clients.

    Progress: Our customers can fund payments using the NPP (New Payments Platform) which allows us to receive the funds in less than 10 seconds.

  • Release a Mobile App

    December 2018 (Revised and Completed November 2018)

    A mobile app will make our service even more accessible and easy to use

    Progress: To optimise our service usability on mobile devices we reduced the load time by over 75% and enhanced the design of our website as it scales down to mobile size. We have delayed the release of a mobile app to prioritise features our customers demand more; such as the API and artificial intelligence.

  • Release API

    June 2019 (Beta November 2018)

    An API will help developers to integrate our service into their own apps and websites

    Progress: We did a private beta release of our API seven months early due to high demand; you can get access simply by contacting our support team.