Our Vision

Instant Global Payments was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing a better foreign fund transfers service than any that currently exist. We aim to give our customers the best exchange rates, make the process of sending money easy and also make international money transfers instant.

It will be a long road to reach our goal. The timeline below shows where we are today, where we are going and how we plan to get there.

Our Team

Chris Dwyer headshot

Chris Dwyer


Chris has spent his entire career surrounded by technology and finances. He created, built and eventually sold one of the first Internet Payment Gateways in Australia, giving him an enormous amount of experience in the FinTech sector.

Contact: chris@instantglobalpayments.com

Henry Newton headshot

Henry Newton


Henry brings a depth of knowledge and practical application of international funds transfer and general business management that is a valuable asset to this company. Henry understands that the old banking methods are no longer valid, and is looking at ways to improve our systems from a business and financial point of view.

Contact: henry@instantglobalpayments.com

Yoan Schillaci headshot

Yoan Schillaci


Yoan is a valuable team member and is focused on helping us enter foreign markets. He has been able to expedite our entry into new countries; allowing us to serve even more customers. Additionally, his background in sales provides further insight when managing our public relations and marketing.

Contact: yoan@instantglobalpayments.com

Jasmine Dwyer headshot

Jasmine Dwyer


Jasmine's background in marketing has been a vital resource throughout the development of our user-interface. She contributes sound and practical advice that allows us to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Contact: jasmine@instantglobalpayments.com


"Amazing service! Easy to use and reliable"

- Sarah O

"I used Instant Global Payments saved me over $3,500 in fees. I will certainly use again. "

- Mike D

" Well done IGP for a great platform and I recommend it highly."

- Three Sixty Private Wealth

"IGP was quick and easy to set up a payment of USD to China. Rates are way better than banks!"

- Trevor D

"Quick to respond and help when I had a question."

- Dominic B

"Would really recommend to anyone; trustworthy and incredibly quick."

- Mimmi