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Corporate Accounts Payable Solutions

Instant Global Payments is the ideal partner if you are aiming to increase the efficiency of your corporation's accounts payable department. By joining Instant Global Payments you will gain free access to a suite of tools that will help minimise clerical errors, reduce processing times and cut the cost of paying your international accounts.

We understand that every integration is unique, with different integration complexities and a diverse range of systems, people and processes to bring together to one, secure, reliable international payment portal. One of our consultants will create an achievable project plan, including timing and costs, prior to committing any of your resources.

Key benefits:

Bulk Payments

Increase the efficiency of your accounts payable department by sending multiple international transfers at once using a CSV file.

Reduce costs

Accounts payable departments are notoriously over charged for foreign exchange transactions. Instant Global Payments will offer your accounts payable department significantly better exchange rates than most financial institutions.


Scheduled SFTP uploads, secure data files, fully integrated with your core systems. Reducing possible errors by your staff.

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