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Importing Goods Solutions

Much of what we consume in our local neighbourhood is imported from another country. Whatever it is that you import, and from whichever country, you will find that Instant Global Payments has a solution to save you time and money. You get access to our entire suite of features, inlcluding API and Direct invoicing.

Your business depends on getting the most efficient service when it comes to converting funds. You can be assured that working together with us, you will get the best possible service and rates available. I you ever need to speak with anyone, just call us on +617 3067 8911.

Key benefits:

API Access

Connect directly into our payment engine using our suite of APIs. This reduces the need to re-key data, removing any human error which can delay, or even cause a transfer to fail.

Invoice Processing

Our focus is to reduce errors and increase efficiency. With access to our Invoice Processing core, you can email a PDF invoice to our system, and we use AI to extract the information, prepare a transfer and keep you updated.

Rate Alerts

If you are flexible with the timing of your transfer you may want to wait for a better exchange rate. All you need to do is set your "target" price, and when that is met, we will alert you via email. All this at no additional cost.

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