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International Payroll Solutions

In an increasing global economy, your staff can be located anywhere around the world. You might have a head office in Australia, with staff working from the United Kingdom, Estonia, Germany, the United States and many parts of Asia. No matter where they are located, and how they wish to be paid, Instant Global Payments can facilitate all these payments to occur at once. Simply tell us who to pay, in which currency and how much. Our system will handle the complexity of global distribution of funds and provide exceptional reconciliation reports.

Key benefits:

Bulk Payments

Increase the efficiency of your international payroll by sending multiple international transfers at once using a CSV file or fully integrated API. We support mutliple currencies and countries in the one file.

Reduce costs

International payroll in the past has been time consuming and expensive. Instant Global Payments will offer your payroll department significantly better exchange rates than most financial institutions.

Smart Processing

Clients of Instant Global Payments get free exclusive access to a suite of tools that will automate the payment process. Clients will be able to submit PDF invoices that will automatically be processed using artificial intelligence

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