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Investing Abroad

Being Australian should not limit you to investing in Australian assets. United States is a major investment destination. This is great news for Australians who are looking to invest in US property, as owning USD assets works as a hedge against a falling AUD. We work with your team in Australia to ensure your funds are transfered on time, accurately and 100% in full. No nasty surpises.

Key benefits:


Management of the payment process is crucial to investment pruchases. Since a delay in a payment can impact the entire chain of events, we can provide guaranteed payment schedule so that your payment will arrive when it is required.

Reduce costs

Individual investors previously had limited choices. It used to be that people would rely on their bank to give them a good exchange rate. Some people didn’t know they could do better. And whilst some people accepted that this was the way it had to be, we didn’t.

Smart Processing

Clients of Instant Global Payments get free exclusive access to a suite of tools that will automate the payment process. Clients will be able to submit PDF invoices that will automatically be processed using artificial intelligence

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