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Overseas Medical Treatment

Medical issues can bring pain and heartache to the entire family, in physical, emotional and financial ways. For those who need to seek treatment overseas, it makes sense to get the best possible rate when converting your funds. If the medical treatment is likely to cost $50,000 USD, then using Instant Global Payments to convert will save you almost $2,700 AUD. And that money could be put to good use, for accommodation, or further treatment.

At Instant Global Payments, we would rather give you the best possible exchange rate, rather than allowing the traditional banks to charge almost 8 times higher.

Key benefits:

Corporate Rate

Regardless of how much need to send for your medical treatment, we will give you access to our corporate rate. This is usually reserved for people sending in excess of $50 Million per annum.

No minimum

We have no minimum amount. If you need to send $500 AUD to your family, or just a $50 gift, we can do it for you with no extra fees. And, of course, we have no maximum. But make sure you talk to us first if sending more than $500,000 to make sure you get the best rates.


Your medical program may require periodic payments. Just tell us the schedule, and we will create each transfer when it is due and notify you. All you will need to do is transfer the funds to us for each payment.

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