sending money home

Sending Money Home

You may be living abroad for work, study or purely just to travel and experience different cultures. Whatever your reason, you will still have bills which need to be paid back home. Perhaps your mortgage, or utility bills need to be paid each month. Or maybe you have family to support and need to send part of your monthly salary home. Using our global payment network, your funds can be settled into your home account the very same day.

Key benefits:

No minimum

We have no minimum amount. If you need to send $500 AUD to your family, or just a $50 gift, we can do it for you with no extra fees. And, of course, we have no maximum. But make sure you talk to us first if sending more than $500,000 to make sure you get the best rates.


You may have to pay your mortgage, electricity bill and insurance renewal. We can do this for you in one transfer, and then we will automatically pay each person the correct amount. Just one action from you can pay up to 100 people.

Rate Alerts

If you are flexible with the timing of your transfer you may want to wait for a better exchange rate. All you need to do is set your "target" price, and when that is met, we will alert you via email. All this at no additional cost.

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